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Buy Christmas Gifts at Teatret Gruppe 38

Everyone loves a good story…

And good stories are best when shared.

The same applies for many good gifts. So why not give a Gift Card for Teatret gruppe 38 for Christmas? Or one of our other ideas for Christmas gifts, perfect for sharing with friends and family.

gavekortkort Teatret Gruppe 38

Gift Voucher

A gift card or voucher for Teatret Gruppe 38 can be used to buy tickets for all performances, playing at Teatret Gruppe 38, and the voucher is valid for three years from the date of purchase. You decide the amount of the gift card, however it must be in whole DKK – and be between 100 and 5000 DKK.

Purchase your gift voucher personally at the theatre (Mejlgade 55B, 800 Aarhus C) og online.


ENESTAAENDE - Solo Performance Festival 2017

Partout Pass for STAND ALONE – Solo Performance Festival

The festival STAND ALONE (May 10-19 2017) presents a number of the best contemporary Danish and international solo performances within the genres of stage art, dance and performance.

The partout pass gives acces to all performances of the festival and four of them are suitable for non-Danish speaking audiences. You can purchase a partout pass for STAND ALONE 2017 from December 1 for 450 DKK.



The Danish artist Claus Helbo has created the most of our subtle performance posters. Today, some of them can be seen on The Danish Poster Museum.

All posters can be bought at the theatre for 50 DKK. Is is also possible for us to deliver posters by post – please contact us by phone (+45 86 13 53 11) or e-mail.

See some of our most popular performance posters.

Jeg har Alt af Bodil Alling. Illustration: Claus Helbo.

Illustrated book: I’ve got everything

I’ve got everything is written by the artistic leader at Teatret Gruppe 38, Bodil Alling. The illustrations is created by Claus Helbo who also makes almost all of our performance posters. The book has same title as the performance I’ve got Everything by Teatret Gruppe 38. It is printet both in an English and in a Danish version.

Like the posters, the book can be bought at the theatre – it can also be delivered to you by post if you contact us. The price is 100 DKK – plus postage costs, if you need it delivered.


Teatret gruppe 38 - Jeg har alt - mulepose         Teatret Gruppe 38 - Mulepose

Cutton bag: I’ve got Everything 

I’ve got everything) cutton bag (In Danish: Jeg har alt).
Nice quality. With this bag, you will never really be needing of anything again and therefore, it is also the perfect gift for he/he who has everything…

Maybe it is not perfect for sharing – but is possible to do so.

The bag can be bought at the theatre or delivered by post. The price is 50 DKK. – plus eventual postage costs.