Danish theatre showcase experiences great international interest


Arts promoters from 16 different countries have already signed up for the showcase :DANISH+, presenting some of the best Danish performing arts for young audiences. There are now only a few available tickets left for the event.

Performance art promoters and festival organizers from no less than 16 different countries have already registered for the showcase :DANISH+, presenting some of the finest contemporary Danish performing arts for children and young people.

The showcase takes place in the city of Aarhus from 1st-4th of May 2016, but already now, the number of available tickets is low. Amongst others, the festival can look forward to welcoming participants from a range of countries spanning from the U.S. to China.

Last chance for international arts promoters to purchase tickets for :DANISH+ 2016 is 1st of April.
This year, :DANISH+ takes place for the fifth time. The main purposes of the gradually well-established showcase are to strengthen the position of Danish children’s theatre as highly valued internationally, and to support new transnational collaborations and exchanges.

+ International popularity

The showcase occurs every second year, and since the event first took place in 2008, :DANISH+ has kept on attracting attendees from new, and an impressively broad number of nations. In 2014, professionals from no less than 17 different countries participated at the festival.

The success of this event is on one side due to how the international participants see :DANISH+ as a well-functioning base for creating and sustaining fruitful network connections.

On the other side it is due to the remarkable international success of Danish stage art for young audiences. This international popularity of Danish children’s theatre derives from a strong tradition of high quality and a strong ability to take the young audiences seriously and creating stage art containing many levels, and therefore being just as appealing for adults as for children.

+ Four performances open to public audiences

Four of the performances presented at the showcase will be open to a limited number of public audiences, and in that way the festival also aims to be of value to citizens and tourists in Aarhus.

These are Romeo and Juliet by MishMash International Theatre Company, Psycho – Street Cut by Dansk Rakkerpak, Romeo&Juliet! by Asterions Hus and Smash by Teater Patrasket.