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Information about COVID-19

Teatret Gruppe 38 follows the development of the COVID-19 and the guidelines of the Danish National Board of Health.

Before your visit

Remember your corona passport
See the National Board of Health’s guide for use of corona passports.

Please purhase tickets in advance of your visit
Due to the current restrictions, we do not have as many tickets for sale as usual. Be certain to get your tickets in time.

During your visit

Leave an empty chair between you and “the others”
If you do not already have close physical contact, there must be an empty chair between you when seated. We help you get a good place in the theatre room that have unnumbered seats.

Avoid close queues – please do not line up in front of the entrance to the theatre room
We ask audience to avoid standing in a close queue at the door, in the bar, in front of toilets, etc. Keep a distance of at least one meter between each other, unless you already have close physical contact.

Please remember, that everyone is getting a good seat with a good view, and please avoid to stand too close to each other in front of the doors as you wait for the performance to begin.

Bring jackets and bags with you
To avoid too crowded a situation in the wardrobe, we ask you to take jackets and bags with you into the theatre room.

More practical information

Teatret Gruppe 38 gives a full refund for tickets purchased for performances
that are canceled because of the COVID-19 crisis.
Costumers can choose to receive a gift voucher or to have the full ticket amount transferred to their bank account.

This page will be updated.