International arts promoters attend Danish showcase for 5th time

From the 1st-4th of May 2016, the showcase :DANISH+ once again invites theatre professionals from all over the world to experience some of the best Danish performing arts for young audiences.

For the fifth time, festival and theatre programmers worldwide are invited to Denmark to attend the showcase :DANISH+, presenting some of the finest contemporary Danish performing arts for children and young people. The main purposes of the well-established showcase are to strengthen the position of Danish children’s theatre as highly valued internationally, and to support new transnational collaborations and exchanges.

+ An International success

The showcase takes place every second year in the city of Aarhus, Denmark, and since the event first took place in 2008, :DANISH+ has managed to keep on attracting attendees from new, and an impressively broad number of nations. In 2014, professionals from no less than 17 different countries joined the showcase – including Russia, China, USA, Australia, Canada and Spain. There are two main reasons for this achievement. The first being that participants see :DANISH+ as a well-functioning base for creating and sustaining fruitful network connections. The second being the remarkable international success of Danish stage art for young audiences. Recent research by the Danish office of the international children theatre organization ASSITEJ shows that member theatres presented no less than 643 performances on tours in foreign nations throughout the 2014/15 season.
This international appreciation is based on a strong tradition of high artistic quality and a valued ability to take the young audiences seriously. The narratives are often complex on a level that satisfies both children and adults. Furthermore, the works are often produced in small units, which increase the mobility of the performances. Among others, these attributes make Danish performing arts for young audiences desirable in an international perspective.

+ Registration is open

Theatre promoters from three different continents have already signed up for :DANISH+2016. Registration is open until April 1st but all attendees who register no later than February 1st receive a early bird discount, making the price only 400€ per person. The full registration price is 450€. The entry fee will cover entrance to all performances, three nights of accommodation, and breakfast, lunch and dinner during the entire showcase. The maximum number of participants per organization for the favourable price of 450 € is two. Further participants will be charged 650 € per person, which cover the actual expenses of accommodation and board.