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Subscribe for theatre at Gruppe 38 – and get a poster

Posters - Teatret Gruppe 38

Get all your tickets at discount price with a theatre subscription – and get one of our popular performance posters too.

Buy tickets for at least three performances at once – this automatically triggers the subscription discount –  for all of your personal ticket purchases in season 2019-20.

Subscribtion ticket: 70,- / Normal ticket: 135,-

You can pick wich performance poster, you would like to bring home with you, when you visit us to experience a play – we are not able to send the poster to you by mail. And we cannot promise, we have all posters in stuck (but we certainly have most of them).

Normal price for a poster: 50,- (with this offer, you get one poster with no further costs than your subscription tickets).

Our posters are created by the artist and scenographer Claus Helbo – except the performance poster for Suppose you had a portable gramophone which is created by Gitte Kath.

Se most of our posters here. 

NB: Already purchased your first subscription tickets? Do not worry: The offer is also for you!