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Theater director Bodil Alling wins Danish Lauritzen Foundation Visionary Price 2017

Bodil-Alling-wins Lauritzen Foundation Visionary Prize-2017_2jpg

Theatre director at the Teatret Gruppe 38, Bodil Alling, won the Danish Lauritzen Foundation Visionary Price 2017 at the price ceremony at Folketeatret in Copenhagen, Sunday, September 10th.

The prize committee’s motivation text includes these quotes:

“Your fabulous and grounded richness of ideas, your uncompromising approach and your Northern stubbornness have made you part of Danish theatres super league.”

“Your visionary approach has led Gruppe 38 together with both Danish and foreign theatres in co-productions. You are the theatre woman who brings together Denmark and the rest of the theatre world – through the eminent international theatre collaborators you work with, and through experience exchange and knowledge sharing at conferences at home and abroad.”

“Leaning back is not your style. You take risks, and what you’re passionate about brings deep meaning to the audience you’re presenting it to.
You write, interpret and play theatre, which through an illusion filled with poetry, magic, obscene humor, harsh events, secrets and hopes, gives both children and adults the opportunity to find themselves and their lives. They do so through an enchanting world that they did not think existed, and which they did not immediately know, but which nevertheless expands and facets their lives.”

The Visionary Prize

The Lauritzen Foundation Visionary Price is 100,000 DKK given to an individual, an organization or a group who/which has had the courage to blow out frames – and have a strong artistic vision that has been realized. The price can be awarded to both theatre, film and television projects.