Olga Szymula/AUT/Nomadic island

門 Mon

門 Mon (gate) is inspired by Japanese culture and the novel The Woman in the Dunes by Kobo Abe. The performance depicts the rite of passage we as humans experience when finding a way out in life – finding hope and seeing new possibilities.  

門 Mon (gate) is inspired by Japanese culture and the novel The Woman in the Dunes by Kobo Abe. The performance depicts the rite of passage we as humans experience when finding a way out in life – finding hope and seeing new possibilities.

Kobo Abe’s novel tells an incredible story about a person who lives alone in a deep sand pit, with the sole purpose in life to move sand. Until the moment where the meaning of that life suddenly becomes uncertain. The novel Woman in the Dunes was adapted for the screen in 1963 and received an Oscar-nomination for the adaptation.

In 門 Mon, sand represents a trap – fascinating but unliveable. The character is totally imprisoned by it. But then something changes. Water appears in the sand and a new larger perspective on life reveals itself. A gate or an opening into change occurs. Togehther with our character, audience experience new hope and find a way out into life again.

門 Mon by composer and an interdisciplinary artist Olga Szymula draws on a wide range of expressions, including film, animation, song, dance and experimental electronic music. The performance invites the audience into an immersive total experience and alternative narrative

Pop-op event

The event is part of our pop-up schedule, which we plan on an ongoing basis to be able to offer a more varied range of present, relevant and substantial experiences to our audience.


  • Age group:

  • Duration:

    45 min.
  • Stage

    Bølgen ( meaning wave)
  • Performer

    Minami Saeki
  • Concept, Composer, Director and Editor

    Olga Szymula
  • Animator

    Sophia Ioannou Gjerding
  • Choir members

    Beatriz Gijón
    William Schou
    Maja Ejrnæs
    Jens Haugset
    Birgitte Lundtoft
    Mao Yamashita
  • Shakuhachi-player

    Alfred Fabricius
  • Translator

    Yukiko Nakayama
  • Japanese calligraphy

    Chiaki Watanabe [ sumi works ]
  • Technical Assistants

    Alex Mørch
    Emma X
  • Production

    Nomadic island
  • 門 Mon is supported by

    The Project Support Committee for Music at Danish Arts Foundation, Aarhus Kommunes Musikpulje, Danish Composers' Society and Koda Kultur, Koda Dramatik, A.P. Møllers Fond, William Demant Fonden and SNYK.

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