Lauren Greenfield

DOC LOUNGE: The Kingmaker (premiere)

Unfortunately, canceled due to covid-19. 

Imelda Marcos was first known as the beautiful First Lady of The Philippines with the stunning shoe collection. Later she was known for corruption when President Ferdinand Marcos loss his power in 1986 and the couple fled to Hawaii . Now she is back, fighting for her son to be Vice President.

“Perception is real. The truth is not.” So Imelda Marcos, former first lady of The Philippines, who first became famous for her beauty and extensive shoe collection, and later for her family’s loss of power and escape from the country – with her diamonds hidden away safely in the children’s nappies.

Now she’s back and set on getting her son, Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’, elected as the controversial President Rodrigo Duterte’s Vice President.

The award-winning documentary filmmaker Lauren Greenfield has gained exclusive access to Marcos, who openly retells (her version of) the story of the first lady, who wanted to be the entire people’s mother.

Is there a direct connection between the Marcos-regime and the current controversial president Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines? And is Duterte’s war on drugs and conflicts with the UN a direct result of the current ‘post-truth’-climate and ‘strong-man’-ideals?

After the screening of The Kingmaker, DOC LOUNGE Aarhus will zoom in on polarisation and the political situation in The Philippines

Before the the premiere of Lauren Greenfields film, enjoy a Georgian short film and specialities from the region – this is due to the Georgia focus of DOC LOUNGE Aarhus in the spring of 2020.

The film is with English subtitles. 

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