Simone de Jong Company (NL)


A funny and moving, wordless story about being completely alone and still finding the way home. For the 2-6 year olds and their adults

There is a square. Is it a house?
There is a sound.
Is there anyone inside the house?
Who’s in there?

HERMIT is a visual, wordless performance of a small house where the owner is not at home – but we can still hear him.


Simone de Jong Company in Amsterdam creates performing arts for families based on movement, music and imagination. Their productions are original, funny and sensitive.

The theatre itself describes that most of their performances are wordless, because for a small child the spoken word is only one of many forms of language. The Simone de Jong Company starts from the physical and aims to put images on the philosophical considerations of life at eye level with the children.



there's no way around it! Watch the exquisitely funny Hermit.

A lovely theatre treasure for all ages.

  • Age group:

    Children from 2-6 and their adults
  • Duration:

    35 min.
  • Cast

    Toon Kuijpers
  • Director

    Simone de Jong

Accessibility conditions

The theatre is on ground floor and easy to access. Please do contact us in advance, if you are a wheelchair user and visit us to experience a performance. Then we can find the best seat for you.

Unfortunately, a few performances are not accessible by wheelchair – in that case it will be mentioned under ‘Info’ on the specific performance page on this website.

Parking conditions

It is possible to park in short distance from the theatre – against a fee. Read more and see our parking map.