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Hip Hip Hip

(Free tickets) A part of STAND ALONE – Solo Performance Festival 2019

Poetic snapshots only for you and your companion


Tickets for the performance are free and can only be ordered by contacting Teatret Gruppe 38 at or phone 86 13 53 11 (the phone is open from 9am to 3pm every weekday).

Only two tickets can be booked at the same time. Children most be five years old or more, and accompanied by an adult.

It is possible to book a ticket for every half hour within the time schedule (see below under “Info”) and there can be up to 20 minutes of waiting time. Of course, while waiting, it is possible to stay in our foyer.

Please notice, that a limited number of tickets are available.

Everyone is very welcome to come to wait for the first available seat for the performance, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that everyone without a ticket will get access.

  • Age group:

    Adults and children from 5
  • Duration:

    5-10 min.
  • Cast and concept

    Audrey Dero
  • Atisitc consultant

    Oriana Varak
  • Scenogapher

    Dennis Gysen
  • Opening hours

    Oct 27 2019
    Oct. 27 at 12.30-14.30
    Oct 27 at 15.30-17.30

Accessibility conditions

The theatre is on ground floor and easy to access. Please do contact us in advance, if you are a wheelchair user and visits us to sexperience a performance. Then we can find the best seat for you.

Unfortunately, a few performances are not accesable by wheelchair – in that case it will be mentioned under ‘Info’ on the specific performance page on this website.

Parking conditions

It is possible to park in short distance from the theatre – against a fee. Look for Navitas, Q-park at Havnens perle and Q-park at the Z-house/Z-huset.