Det turkiset telt / Ensemble Neanída

Mother Tongues

Lullabies for adults

Sleep, my yellow desert bird,
Sleep, my pomegranate flower

Don’t be sad;
I gave you away to seek wisdom,
– not because I didn’t love you

But life is so short;
the world only one day

– Traditional Persian lullaby

Lean back into the hammock – under the big night sky – for a concert-performance where tones and rhythms weave dream web that invites you into the borderland between wakefulness and sleep.

MOTHER TONGUES is a dream journey of music and drama woven by lullabies, rhythms and folk song from near and far; about sorrow, longing, lust and rage as human raw material. The performance examines identity as an intertwining of universal, cultural and relational roots, and asks the basic questions: Where do we come from? What do we come from? What are we shaped by, deep down?

The concert-performance is created by ENSEMBLE NEANÍDA. The ensemble consists of 7 female musicians, singers and dancers with a common passion for folk music and -dance – especially from African, European and Middle Eastern cultures. The ensemble brings the traditional expressions into a contemporary context that integrates music, movement and drama into a united expression.

det turkise telt brings a very special version of the concert-performance MOTHER TONGUES into a hammock scenography in Teatret Gruppe 38. Be part of the rocking audience, where the night sky creates the visual framework.

The tickets costs 105 DKK and are sold by Det turkise telt.. The concert takes place indoors in hammocks.

  • Age group:

  • Duration:

    Ca. 60 min.
  • Created by

    Ensemble Neanída
  • Arranged by

    Det turkise telt

Accessibility conditions

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Unfortunately, a few performances are not accessible by wheelchair – in that case it will be mentioned under ‘Info’ on the specific performance page on this website.

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