Groupe Zur (Fr)

Rue D’orchampt

Explore an enchanting installation of mirrors, surprising images and stories told in light at Teatret Gruppe 38 during ILT Festival 21  

It looks like a house. A magic house with a mirror that reflects a face that is not your own, a window that casts strange shadows, a character who drinks tea while hanging upside down and a hummingbird that appears in a waterfall of fine sand.

More than a show, it is an art installation and an universe that the spectator is invited to discover. Guests are also invited behind the scenes to create the magic of the installation with the artists.

Theatre Leader Bodil Alling says about the performance:

Rue D’orchampt has both a marvelous front and a breathtaking back side. First, a trip around a wonderful universe, where small oddities become the most wonderful things. Then turn around and look at it from the opposite way to see how all the glories are transformed – which is even more strange and enchanting. It’s like stepping into a crack in time. Or like moving arilt21ound in a time that doesn’t really exist.