The Comical Tragedy


An actress and her part must perform an important scene together. But not everything goes as planned. The actress is overwhelmed with anxiety and the part must take over. The part realises that it likes the spotlight and the actress must fight to reclaim the stage and stand up for herself. Maybe that was the parts plan all along?

The Comical Tragedy is about the fear of failing and the road toward daring to do what you really dream about.

It is a story about becoming oneself and listen to that little voice inside that sometimes speaks the truth.




It’s simply masterfully done. Its exemplary acting work, precise and deathly charming. It might look like improvisation, but trust me – its all planned.

An actor’s power performance and a bold, intelligent and comical script

Blazingly intelligent directed…a presentation of a great talent…sharp comical timing.

A Masterclass in equilibristic acting technique. Body language and mimic fuses together to an artistic whole. Thank you!

Hurry in the theatre if you would like to experience a unique, well done and clever performance.

Fantastic Mette Rønne, she must be experienced in this glorious part.

Pure power performance…dazzling excess of energy by a sovereign storyteller.

Mette Rønne beautifully masters the alternations between the comical character and the honest vulnerability.

  • Age group:

    From 15 years
  • Duration:

    75 min.
  • Performer

    Mette Rønne
  • Manuscript

    Eva Bonfanti
    Yves Hunstad
  • Director

    Anders Brink
  • Light

    Mads Maybom
  • Time

    March 21-22 2019 at 19.00

Accessibility conditions

The theatre is on ground floor and easy to access. Please do contact us in advance, if you are a wheelchair user and visits us to sexperience a performance. Then we can find the best seat for you.

Unfortunately, a few performances are not accesable by wheelchair – in that case it will be mentioned under ‘Info’ on the specific performance page on this website.

Parking conditions

It is possible to park in short distance from the theatre – against a fee. Look for Navitas, Q-park at Havnens perle and Q-park at the Z-house/Z-huset.