Forced Entertainment

To Move in Time

What would you do if you could travel in time?

On the stage stands actress Tyrone Huggins. He performs an impulsive, humorous and interesting stream of thought about changing the present, past and future.

But in the end, the performance leaves us with a completely different focus: What is really vital to us?

To Move in Time is a performance that keeps a beautiful balance between comic absurdity and melancholy.

Forced Entertainment

The award-winning, internationally recognized artist collective is Britain’s most legendary theatre company. They are known for breaking existing performing arts conventions and to always be in step with the times.

During ILT Festival 17 and 19 visited Forced Entertainment Aarhus with the performances Notebook and Real Magic.

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STAND ALONE Festival 21

With STAND ALONE Festival we present Danish and international solo performances – gripping stories performed by a single actor on stage.

Musicians and technicians make significant contributions in several of the performances, but the actor must otherwise stand alone on stage.

You can use both the subscription discount and your season pass when you book tickets for performances that are part of the festival.


Playwright Tim Etchells is an absolute master.

Insightful manuscript and detailed presentation.

A wonderful piece that reveals how vulnerable we are to the unknown.