They say it’s my own fault. Basically it must be, for I am Destiny. This critically acclaimed performance written and performed by Florence Espueut-Nickles opens STAND ALONE Festival 23.

Destiny dreams big. She dreams of glamour. If J-Lo can make it out of The Bronx, Destiny can make it out of Hill Rise Estate in Chippenham. She is desperate to get away from the hopelessness she grew up with.
Destiny lives in one of the dreariest housing estates in Britain. We follow her dramatic and desperate attempts to learn to love and to be loved.
The critically acclaimed performance, with actress Florence Espueut-Nickless on stage, gives insight into the lives of the millions of young people living in poverty in the UK.

The performance is part of STAND ALONE Festival 23 at Teatret Gruppe 38.


On October 27 at 19.30 you can participate in an after talk about the themes and artistic choices of the performance. More information follows on, our newsletter and social media.


Florence Espueut-Nickles is a writer and actor from Chippenham in Wiltshire, England, a town with no stage art – and limited access to it. She writes about and with working-class communities in the south-west of England in the hope of making art more accessible to all, regardless of background or geographical location.

DESTINY is her debut, and she has played the show at several major international festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe in 2022.