Psycho – Street Cut

Dansk Rakkerpak celebrates Alfred Hitchcock, the champion of horror, in this theatrical remake of his masterpiece Psycho from 1960.

It takes place with lots of funny slapsticks, perfect timing, body comedy, musicality and an unbeatable final in slow motion.

NB: The play takes place inside the theatre.

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An hour of original and successful street theater drama, almost without words, but full of humor and cozy thrills.

  • Age group:

    Adults and children from 6
  • Duration:

    60 min.
  • Cast

    Susanne Bonde
    Jesper Pedersen
    Thomas Dinesen
    Niels Peter Kløft
  • Director

    Niels Grønne
  • Playwright

    Jane Rasch
  • Composer

    Thomas Dinesen
  • Costume designer

    Malene Bjelke
  • Time

    Nov. 19 at 15
    Nov. 20 at 09.30
    Nov. 20 at 11.30
    Nov. 21 at 11.30
    Nov. 21 at 19
  • Two small theatres - many great stories

    In collaboration with Teater Refleksion, also located in the centre of Aarhus, Teatret Gruppe 38 presents a special programme of theatre in English during the season.
    The purpose is to give non-Danish speaking audiences in and around Aarhus the opportunity to experience professional stage art in an understandable language.