STAND ALONESolo Performance Festival

The solo performance festival STAND ALONE presents a set of the best contemporary Danish and international solo performances – within the genres of stage art, dance and performance art.

In Danish, the festival has been given the title ENESTÅENDE – a word meaning both ‘outstanding’ and ‘to stand alone’ in a positive sense.

The main purpose of the festival is to highlight the concentrated contact between performer and audience occurring during solo performances. At the same time, we wish to show aexampels of the great diversity of form and expression existing within the genre today.

Come and experience something outstanding STAND ALONE.

Performances in English – or non-verbal

HISTORY OF THE WORLD /Kopergietery (B)

REPUBLIKA /Edhem Jesenkovic (Bosnien)

WOT? NO FISH!! /Danny Braverman (UK)

PLASTIC HEROES /Ariel Doron (Israel)

Ticket price:               60-125 DKK
Partout pass:             450 DKK
Subscription tickets:   60 DKK
(buy tickets for at least 3 performances at once)

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Teatret Gruppe 38 established the festival in 2013 – and now it takes place for the third time in collaboration with Team Teatret in Herning as a part of Aarhus 2017 – European Capital of Culture.

The Solo Performance Festival is the biggest of its kind in Europe, and it is a unique laboratory for new and experimenting expressions of stage art. Thus, the festival points directly in the same direction as the main theme of the Capital of Culture 2017: Let’s Rethink.

The festival takes place at Teatret Gruppe 38 in Aarhus and Team Teatret in Herning.

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