The Evil

Do you become evil by being treated evil?
Can violence be justified in certain

Writer Jan Guillou’s personal and harsh story about the abuse he suffered as a child is chillingly well played by actor Claes Bang in this intense performance.

The unsettling novel The Evil has both been filmatised and dramatized since it was first published in 1993.

Date and time

Feb. 6 at 19



Julie Wieth’s fine setup and Claes Bang’s outstanding interpretation make the story come across very strongly.

Bang’s intense performance keeps the audience completely engrossed.

Corrosive strong staging of Jan Guillou's classic 'The Evil' ... Claes Bang is a dazzling story teller.

  • Age group:

    Adults adn young people from 14 years
  • Duration:

    65 min.
  • Cast

    Claes Bang
  • Director

    Julie Pauline Wieth
  • Translator

    Michael Ramløse