Teatret Gruppe 38

Hans Christian, you must be an Angel

A long table is set for H.C. Andersen’s birthday party and two waiters are on the job of their life: To wait on a table of fantastic personalities, created by Andersen himself. Each with his own peculiar whims and needs.

Teatret Gruppe 38 wishes you a Merry Christmas with this theatre installation and performance, coming to life with light, projections, sound and performance.


Date and time

Dec. 19 at 11 & 19


How wonderfull!

This is finesse.

Gruppe 38 triumfs with this ingenious theatre installation.

  • Age group:

    Adults and children from 7 years
  • Duration:

    50 min.
  • Cast

    Bodil Alling
    Peter Seligmann
  • Technicians

    Søren Søndberg
    Søren la Cour
    Lars K. Olesen
  • Created by

    Paolo Cardona
    Phillipe LeFebvre
    Catherine Poher
    Claus Helbo
    Søren Søndberg
    Bodil Alling
    Joakim Eggert
    Sille Heltoft
    Kim Kirkeby
    Arne Fich
    Jacob Kirkegaard