Olga Szymula/AUT/Nomadic island

門 Mon

門 Mon is unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. We will attempt to reschedule the performance for another date in 2021. 

門 Mon is inspired by the artists encounter with Japanese culture and the novel The Woman in the Sand by Kobo Abe.

門 Mon is Japanese meaning “port”. The title fits perfectly with this performance, which depicts an abstract rite of passage.

門 Mon draws on a wide range of expressions, including film, animation, song, dance and new electronic composition music.

Kobo Abe’s novel tells an incredible story about a person who lives alone in a deep sand pit, with the sole purpose in life to move sand. Until the moment where the meaning of that life suddenly becomes uncertain.

The novel The Woman in the Sand was filmatised in an Oscar-nominated version in 1963.

門 Mon is based on Szymula’s meeting with Japanese culture and The Woman in the Sand. With inspiration from this, the performance invites audience into an immersive total experience and alternative narrative.

Pop-op event

The event is part of our pop-up schedule, which we plan on an ongoing basis to be able to offer a more varied range of present, relevant and substantial experiences to our audience.

Buy tickets without worries

Your ticket will be moved /refunded if the performance is moved or cancelled due to COVID-19.

Also note, that we have a limited number of tickets on sale due to corona restrictions, so therefore we encourage the audience to buy the ticket well in advance.