Aarhus TeaterTeatret Svalegangen and Teatret Gruppe 38


Experiences and surprises for everyone in theatres and at street level

ILT Festival 2023 is Aarhus’ international performance festival – presenting carefully selected performances in a wide range of genres, spanning everything from classical drama to dance, physical theatre, installations, puppetry and animation theatre, music and theatre concerts. The festival also features workshops, artist-talks and other exciting events for both the industry and the people of Aarhus.

ILT Festival is held every other year in Aarhus and is organized by Aarhus Theater, Teatret Svalegangen and Teatret Gruppe 38 in collaboration with Musikhuset Aarhus, Bora Bora, Teater Katapult, Teater Refleksion, Teaterhuset Filuren and Åbne Scene / Godsbanen.

ILT Festival 2023 will be the 8th edition of the festival.