Teatret Møllen, Carte Blanche, Teater2tusind and Teatret Gruppe 38

Suppose You had A Portable Gramophone

Suppose you had club foot.
Then you could stand on one leg and se much higher.
Supposewe didn’t exist.
Then nobody could find us.
Suppose you had a portable gramophone.
Where would you take it.

In a tiny village, far north, lives a small group of people in brown dresses and black coats. They look down mostly. And because they look down, they have nothing to talk about and nothing to long for.

But then there’s Viola.
She keeps herself to herself; she looks down and tries to sing very quietly in church on Sundays. She is dreaming and yearning and asks a hundred questions.

This is a story about Viola. 


Maybe this is the best Danish theatre you can experience right now…This performance is just theatre - magnificent theatre.

Fragile and beautiful at the same time - a very great performance.

  • Age group:

    Adults and children from 8
  • Duration:

    45 min.
  • Cast

    Connie Tronbjerg
    Peter Seligmann
    Bodil Alling
  • Playwright

    Bodil Alling
  • Director

    Hans Rønne
  • Scenographer

    Sara Topsøe-Jensen
  • Composer

    Søren Søndberg