Teatret Gruppe 38

A love story about the girl, Marjan, who dreams herself away from an upright boring life and only thinks of Rob.

For Rob is an outlaw, who lives alone in the forest. He steals from the rich and gives to the poor and he never washes his hair. But Marjan´s father is a policeman! And he says it is forbidden for boys to live in the forest! And everything that Rob does is forbidden! That all of Rob is forbidden.

Welcome to an ill-mannered story about the great love of two children and the incredible stupidity of an unknown number of grown ups.

  • Age group:

    Adults and children from 9 years
  • Duration:

    50 min.
  • Cast

    Bodil Alling
    Kim Kirkeby
    Claus Mandøe
    Søren Søndberg
  • Director

    Hans Rønne
  • Music

    Søren Søndberg
    Claus mandøe
  • Scenographer

    Gitte baastrup
  • Writers

    Thomas Tidholm
    Teatret Gruppe 38
  • Price

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