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The Danish artist Claus Helbo has created the most of the performance posters of Teatret Gruppe 38. Today, several of them are exhibited at The Danish Poster Museum.

All posters can be bought at Teatret Gruppe 38 for 75 DKK. It is also possible for us to deliver posters by post – please contact us by phone (+45 86 13 53 11) or e-mail.

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I've got Everything - Bodil Alling and Claus Helbo - Teatret Gruppe 38

Other Goods: Illustrated Book: I’ve got Everything

I’ve got Everything is written by Actor and Artistic Leader at Teatret Gruppe 38, Bodil Alling. The illustrations of the unique book are created by Claus Helbo who also creates our performance posters.

The book is about the fundamental spiritually important things in life, and it is both filled with philosophical, whimsical hints and humor. The book has same title as the performance I’ve got Everything by Teatret Gruppe 38 and it is, like the performance, equally appealing to adults and children.

I’ve got Everything is available both in an English and in a Danish version.

Like the posters, the book can be bought at the theatre – we can also ship it to you if you contact us directly. The price is 75 DKK.

Gift Wrapping

Posters and books can be wrapped in our own giftwrapping paper designed with enjoyable and inspiring illustrations of Claus Helbo.