Teatret Gruppe 38

A splatter comedy.

On an Italian pick up truck a live chicken and a newly laid egg play the main part in a gripping version of an old story. A grim story of a child, who is burdened with too much responsibilty: “You must walk alone through the forest, which is huge, wild and creepy”… and on the other side is grandmother´s house, where grandmother lies in her bed,very ill and that is creepy too. Bon voyage!

In 2001 A Sonatina was nominated for the Danish theatre award – Reumert of the Year – in the category Best Performance for Children. The performance has been shown in Canada, Finland, Japan and Scotland.

Tremendously funny "Ridinghood"-ride. A pearl full of suprises.

Stands out for sheer wackiness and enthusiasm, which both adults and children can appreciate.

Bodil Alling caught the attention of audience straightaway, never to release it until the
final round of applause.

  • Age group:

    Adults and children from 6 years and up
  • Duration:

    40 min.
  • Cast

    Bodil Alling
    Christian Glahn
    Søren Søndberg
  • Directors

    Bodil Alling
    Ole Sørensen
  • Composer

    Søren Søndberg
  • Set Designer

    Claus Helbo
  • Available languages

    English, German and Danish
  • Price

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