All This Coming and Going

Welcome, both inside and outside.

Here are landscapes after a tsunami, Titanic on first class, a belly dancer luring sailors and landlubbers, a library without books, the last journey, heartbreaking tones, silent tears, shipwrecks and joyful cries.

Teatret Gruppe 38, Terrapin Puppet Theatre (TAS) and Trickster-p (CH) present the great theatre installation All This Coming and Going.

Inside and outside 12 large ship containers, mobiles, projections, shadows and moving pictures will depict what was – and what is to come.

The installation thematises the sea as an incredible powerful natural force which both draws and threatens – and how times change. It does so, through stories and picture universes about life at, with and on the sea.

The audience moves around the installation as they please, and without following a certain, already given order.

All This Coming and Going was presented at the waterfront at Pier 3, Aarhus East during Aarhus Festuge 2017. The installation was Teatret Gruppe 38’s biggest contribution to Aarhus 2017 – European Capital of Culture.

Entering the spaces in 'All This Coming and Going' means experiencing the ocean through a prism of fantasy and dreams, both gentle and violent, tiny and large.

Filled with moods of the ocean's mighty powers and mysterious whims.

A holistic experience. The experience constantly changes. There is so much to see, so much to experience.

A mind-bending experience. A great succes.

  • Created by

    Terrapin Puppet Theatre
    Teatret Gruppe 38
  • Teatret Gruppe 38

    Bodil Alling
    Søren Søndberg
    Søren la Cour
    Lars K. Olesen
    Marie Netterstrøm
    Ana Luiza Ulsig
  • Terrapin Puppet Theatre

    Sam Routledge
    Matt Daniels
    Josh Noble
    Andrew MacDonald
  • Trickster-p

    Cristina Galbiati
    Ilija Luginbühl
  • Installation elements

    Look Out
  • Price

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