Teatret Gruppe 38

A story about how long the road home is, when you run away in anger.

She became so hopping mad
She became so fizzling furious
She became so livid with rage
that she opened the window and climbed down the ladder
and then she ran.

She ran and ran and ran
And ranranran
And she ran there and she ran around
And ran over and ran under
And ran down down down down down
And ran upupupupup
And ran forward and ran along
And ran of of of
And when she turned
The house had turned into a dot

Enchanting forty minutes of theatre. We sense the performance with each fiber of our body - through a unique combination of verbal narrative, music, masks, poetic shadows and beautiful imagery.

A true Gruppe 38 production with the theatre's usual aesthetics and creativity - and international format. It's just dreamy.

The adventure embodies such an elemental feeling as anger - and let's us recall and reflect about that state of mind ... It is first class theatre.

The performance manages to create a captivating universe.

  • Age group:

    Adults and children from 8 years
  • Age group

    Adults and children from 8
  • Cast

    Bodil Alling
    Søren Søndberg
    Søren la Cour
  • Director

    Catherine Poher
  • Created by

    Catherine Poher
    Bodil Alling
    Søren Søndberg
    Søren la Cour
    Sara Topsøe-Jensen
    Agnès Limbos
    Philippe LeFebvre
    Olivier Guillemain
    Lars K. Olesen
    Marie Netterstrøm