Teatret Gruppe 38

Have you heard that children’s interest in reading is declining? Isn’t that terrible?
THE SECRET LIBRARY is a beautiful space that opens up the reading experience for children and adults.

Hey there, come on in
Then I’ll show you.
A story that goes round and round.
It flutters away with the wind.
And comforts the one who cries.
And the heart skips a beat.

The story is secret until told. Bodil Alling narrates, accompanied by the most beautiful images and Søren Søndberg’s wonderful music and sound universe.


THE SECRET LIBRARY now contains two stories.  THE SECRET LIBRARY 1 is for children from 8 years and adults, while THE SECRET LIBRARY 2 is for children from 6 years and adults. The stories are staged in an alluring scenography, forming a shared, stimulating reading experience. The two performances can be combined on tour.

Completely enchanting narrative theatre. Bodil Alling tells with presence, empathy and soul in the words. We can almost smell the scents of her words.

Offers a story and an expression that stands out from the fictional universes children are most used to encountering. The choice of text and the expression testify to the theatre's courage and artistic abilities to tell 'counterculture' stories'.

  • Age group:

    Adults and children from 8
  • Duration:

    35 min.
  • Created by

    Bodil Alling
    Søren Søndberg
    Søren la Cour
    Lars K. Olesen
    Olivier Guillemain
  • Video artist

    Olivier Guillemain
  • Messurements

    9 metes
    10 meters
    4,5 motos