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Teatret OM

Teatret Gruppe 38 invites families to a wordless, poetic performance inspired by the fantastic and fabulous visual universe of artist Paul Klee. 

In a performance with shadows and geometric shapes, the elements come alive. Dots, lines, animals and cities appear and disappear again.

Paul Klee’s paintings are architectural, poetic, round, angular and fragmentary. Klee was interested in movement and process, and this was more important to him than the final result  – like it often is for children.



Teatret OM is an international theatre founded in Rome in 1989 by actress Sandra Pasini and scenographer and visual artist Antonella Diana.

In 1996, the theatre became officially Danish, and since 2006 Teatret OM has been located in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality.


Strong visual theatre. Welcoming, poetic and varied. Full of quirks and humor.

  • Age group:

    Children from 4-8 and their adults
  • Duration:

    35 min.
  • Cast

    Annemarie Waagepetersen
    Hisako Miura
  • Director

    Sandra Pasini
  • Scenography

    Antonella Diana
  • Costume Designer

    Antonella Diana
    Marco Antonio Lopez
  • Composer

    Håkon Berre
  • Technician

    Maximiliano Bini
  • Object Designer

    Deborah Hunt