Join us when the performing arts duo Trickster-p transforms the black box at Teatret Gruppe 38 into a beautiful, interactive board game during Aarhus Festuge.

Teatret Gruppe 38 invites you to a riveting performance that combines game design and performing arts.
With the playfull character of board games, EUTOPIA gives you the opportunity to explore different future scenarios and complex questions about human’s place in the world, social inequality and climate changes.

There are no pointed fingers here. In the performance, humans are neither the center of the world nor uninvited guests, from whom nature should be protected.

It is up to you and the other players to use your curiosity and personal experiences to make the next move. Every time EUTOPIA is played, the games ends differently.

Through performance, installation, and game design, EUTOPIA gives you into a thought-provoking game that you cannot help but get involved in – and reflect on afterwards.

Experience EUTOPIA, performed in English, at Teatret Gruppe 38 on Aarhus Oe.