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In a tiny village, far north, lives a small group of people in brown dresses and black coats. They look down mostly. And because they look down, they have nothing to talk about and nothing to long for. But then there is Viola.

A tragicomic notion of the moderns man’s impossible need for control in a chaotic world 

Nettles invites you to explore the two extremes of the human journey: childhood and death.

In 1926, the British shoemaker Ab Solomons made a drawing on the back of his paycheck, which he then gave to his wife Celie. This ritual continued week by week formany years up until 1982, and Ab’s many unfiltered, loving drawings of Celie and their common everyday forms an insightful, warm and honest story about their long life together.

Catch a day of reggae and dancehall, talk and film, when Doc Lounge together with Aarhus Reggae Festival and Teatret Gruppe 38 put turbo on Jamaican culture, food and art.

DOC LOUNGE Aarhus presents eye opening documentaries at Teatret Gruppe 38