A visually appealing, wordless, musical performance for children and adults

HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE is a wonderful experience of clever, analogue ingenuity, beautiful visual effects and beautiful music. The performance philosophizes over time, nature and man’s place in the whole.

Here, children and adults can encounter a playful notion of a house that changes with the motion of winter, spring, summer and fall.

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Stage artist Katerini Antonakaki is the new artistic director at Petites Perceptions. Here he continues her work with interdisciplinary object theatre. He is known for using space, visual universes and sound in unpredictable performances. Read more. 


All This Coming and Going

Free of charge: We introduce All This Coming and Going as part of the Aarhus Sound Arts Festival 2020 at Bassin 7 on Aarhus Ø.

The oceans has fascinated us for millennia. The gentle and generous, brutal and greedy sea. The mystical and mythical horizon has given us dreams of distant shores and exotic landscapes hidden beyond the reach of the eye.

All This Coming and Going is a library without books that tells the myths and stories of the sea; miracles; puzzles, heart-wrenching anxiety; silent crying, shipwreck and cry of joy. We invite the audience to delve into the mysteries of the sea, as we open the installation during the Aarhus Sound Arts Festival on August 22-23 2020 at. 7:30 pm – around 9 pm.

The library i part of a greater installation presented at Aarhus 2017 and Dark MoFo Festival in Hobart, Australia.

All stories are available in English text.
The installation is free.


Suppose You had a Portable Gramophone

This performance is an awarded, loving salute to the world famous Danish writer Karen Blixen 

In a tiny village, far north, lives a small group of people in brown dresses and black coats. They look down mostly. And because they look down, they have nothing to talk about and nothing to long for.

But then there’s Viola.
This is a story about Viola.

Hamlet – Exit

In Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Hamlet all the main characters die. But in this internationally loved, grotesque and music formed performance, they all come to live again to tell their tales – after hundreds years in the grave!

Hamlet has been interpreted and presented to us in thousands of versions. Exit gives us a completely new angle on the story.

A performance about conformity or rebellion and about the ethics in a corrupt world. Scraps of words and dialogues in English mingle with old and new music.

For adults only!

All This Coming and Going

Welcome to Teatret Gruppe 38’s greatest contribution to Aarhus 2017 – European Capital of Culture.

Welcome, both inside and outside.

Here are landscapes after a tsunami, Titanic on first class, a belly dancer luring sailors and landlubbers, a library without books, the last journey, heartbreaking tones, silent tears, shipwrecks and joyful cries.

Teatret Gruppe 38, Terrapin Puppet Theatre (TAS) and Swiss Trickster-p (CH) present the great theatre installation All This Coming and Going at Pier 3 in Aarhus’ new developed habour district, Aarhus Oe.

Inside and outside 10 large ship containers, mobiles, projections, shadows and moving pictures will depict what was – and what is to come.

During 2018-19, Teatret Gruppe 38 moves into a new theatre building at Aarhus Oe that is part of the construction project AARhus at Pier 4, Aarhus Oe.  With this great theatre installation by Pier 3 at the the waterfront, we invite the audience to experience how a new city district comes alive when art moves in.

Teatret Gruppe 38 - All This Coming and Going - map
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All This Coming and Going is supported by

Aarhus 2017 - European Capital of Culture  City of Aarhus  

A Story of A House That Turned into A Dot

A story about how long the road home is, when anger has made you run away.

She became so hopping mad
She became so fizzling furious
She became so livid with rage
that she opened the window and climbed down the ladder
and then she ran.

She ran and ran and ran
And ranranran
And she ran there and she ran around
And ran over and ran under
And ran down down down down down
And ran upupupupup
And ran forward and ran along
And ran of of of
And when she turned
The house had turned into a dot




The festival STAND ALONE presents a set of the best contemporary Danish and international solo performances – within the genres of stage art, dance and performance art.

In Danish, the festival title is ENESTÅENDE – a word meaning both ‘outstanding’ and ‘to stand alone’ in a positive sense.

STAND ALONE – Solo Performance Festival focuses on the relation between the solo performer and his/her audience. The festival highlights the great diversity of form and expression occurring within the solo genre today.

Come and experience something outstanding STAND ALONE.


STAND ALONE – SOLO PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL 2023 is financially supported by:

City of Aarhus





ILT Festival offers experiences and surprises for everyone in theatres and at street level.

Experience everything from physical theater to installations, music and theater concerts, dance, puppet theater and magnificent outdoor street performances.

The festival takes place on May 27 – 30 2021 and is organized by Aarhus Theater, Teatret Svalegangen and Teatret Gruppe 38 in collaboration with Musikhuset Aarhus, Bora Bora, Teater Katapult, Teater Refleksion, Teaterhuset Filuren and Åbne Scene / Godsbanen.