Suppose You had a Portable Gramophone

This performance is an awarded, loving salute to the world famous Danish writer Karen Blixen 

In a tiny village, far north, lives a small group of people in brown dresses and black coats. They look down mostly. And because they look down, they have nothing to talk about and nothing to long for.

But then there’s Viola.
This is a story about Viola.

A Story of A House That Turned into A Dot

A story about how long the road home is, when anger has made you run away.

She became so hopping mad
She became so fizzling furious
She became so livid with rage
that she opened the window and climbed down the ladder
and then she ran.

She ran and ran and ran
And ranranran
And she ran there and she ran around
And ran over and ran under
And ran down down down down down
And ran upupupupup
And ran forward and ran along
And ran of of of
And when she turned
The house had turned into a dot




DANISH+ is an international showcase and festival, presenting some of the best Danish performing arts for children and young people to theatre representatives from around the world.

The showcase is arranged by Teatret Gruppe 38 and takes place in the lovely city of Aarhus, Denmark every other year.

All performances presented during the showcase are in English or without words, and the performances are regarded as equally compelling for adults and children/young people.

Selected performances are open to a public audience – more information will come.
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A Sonatina

Unfortunately, canceled due to covid-19.

A splatter comedy 

On an Italian pick up truck, a live chicken and a newly laid egg play the main part in a gripping version of an old story. A Grimm story of a child, who is burdened with too much responsibilty:

“You must walk alone through the forest, which is huge, wild and creepy. And on the other side is grandmother´s house, where grandmother lies in her bed,very ill and that is creepy too.”
Bon voyage!