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Experiences and surprises for everyone in theatres and at street level ILT Festival 2023 is Aarhus’ international performance festival – presenting carefully selected performances in a wide range of genres, spanning everything from classical drama to dance, physical theatre, installations, puppetry and animation theatre, music and theatre concerts. The festival also features workshops, artist-talks and […]

DANISH+ is an international showcase, presenting some of the best Danish performing arts for children and young people to theatre representatives from around the world.

With the performance show Republika, Edhem Jesenkovic seeks back to an otherwise repressed period of his life. A time dominated by uncertainty and fear; The 90’s where civil wars in the Balkans broke out, and where he and his family were forced to flee.

The solo performance festival STAND ALONE presents a set of the best contemporary Danish and international solo performances – within the genres of stage art, dance and performance art.

ILT is the largest international theatre biennale in Denmark. The festival collects a handpicked set of the best contemporary Danish and international performing arts – and gives you a unique opportunity to experience it all at once.