Teatret Gruppe 38, Terrapin Puppet Theatre, Trickster-p

All This Coming and Going

We introduce All This Coming and Going as part of the Aarhus Sound Arts Festival 2020 at Bassin 7 on Aarhus Ø.

The oceans has fascinated us for millennia.
The gentle and generous, brutal and greedy oceans.

The mystical and mythical horizon has given us dreams of distant shores and exotic landscapes hidden beyond the reach of the eye.

All This Coming and Going is a library without books that tells the myths and stories of the last journey; miracles; puzzles, heart-wrenching anxiety; silent crying, shipwreck and cry of joy.

We invite the audience to delve into the mysteries of the sea and our relation to the great waters, as we open the doors to the installation during the Aarhus Sound Arts Festival on 22-23. August 202 at. 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm.

The library is a small part of a very large theater installation that Teatret Gruppe 38 built, in collaboration with Tasmanian Terrapin Puppet Theater and Swiss Trickster-p, first at Aarhus Ø during Aarhus 2017 – European Capital of Culture, and then at the great arts festival Dark MoFo Festival in Hobart, Tasmania.


All stories are available in English text.
The installation is free.


Filled with moods of the ocean's mighty powers and mysterious whims.

There is so much to experience.

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    Ca. 30. min.
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    Waiting may be necessary due to limited space.
    It is possible to purchase beverages in our foyer.

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